Lets talk about packing....
   There are a few different ways to handle packing when moving...
1: Pack everything in used liquor boxes with dirty newspapers.
      Ends up taking way to long and many trips to the liquor store (not always a bad thing).
      You realize the newspaper isn't as common as you thought it was. 
       You start packing weeks in advance, and end up living with stacks of boxes around your house for weeks eating out or off of paper plates every night.
      You end up with dozens of small boxes to later move, or have the movers move (local movers are typically hired by the hour hmm!!)
      When you unpack you have many used liquor boxes to recycle (your new neighbors may have the wrong idea about you)
      You quickly find the ink on newspapers rubs off on your fine china you wrapped it in. 
      You get upset because your grandmothers serving platter shattered and the movers have no liability over the items you packed in your boxes. 

2: Ask around for used packing materials from people in your community who recently moved
       You start picking up other peoples trash
       You spend hours laying out the crinkled up packing paper so you can reuse it for your packing.  (Be sure you have plenty of Band-Aids for paper cuts)
       After you pack your first box of books, you realized you used the largest box you had, and it now weighs 200lbs full of books
      You pack all your kitchen dishes up real well, and go to move the box and Oops you didn't tape the bottom of the box.
      You are so exhausted come move day you wake up to the movers ringing your door bell because you thought you could get all your packing done in 1 or 2 days like the movers said they could.
      You find the boxes in different rooms than anticipated because of the writing on the boxes from the previous persons move. 
      You find the coffee mug your child made in preschool for mothers day broken in the box (they are 16yrs old now), and realize the mover have no liability 

3: Hire professional packers to take on the liability and effort of packing as much or as little as you don't want to worry about.
      You focus your time on picking paint colors for the new house.
      You spend time organizing what you really want to move, and what you want to donate or throw away.
      You have a nice family home cooked dinner in your home on one of the last nights in your old home, and enjoy a movie
     You wake up on packing day, meet some really great people, and are amazed at how efficient friendly and quick they are at packing your home in just a matter or hours,
    On the first night in your new home you know exactly where your coffee maker is for the following morning, where your bed sheets are, and your clean towels for a nice shower, all because of the proper labeling the packers took care of. 
    While unpacking you find a picture frame is cracked, but you aren't worried because the movers have liability on the items they packed, and will assist in the repair or replacement of the frame.
   You find the all of your delicate china, and your everyday dishes are packed professionally and with care.
Oh wait, what about all those bothersome moving boxes the movers brought?  Well, we also offer debris pickups on all of the jobs we pack.  
What if I don't want to unpack myself?  Our crews perform unpacking services as well, and take the used materials away that day.

Moving is stressful, don't get overwhelmed with the task of packing.  Whether you are looking for packing of just your breakables, your great aunt's punch bowl, or everything the packing crews at R.C. Mason Movers will take the stress out of your packing.