Do I really need professional storage? If you’re asking yourself this question, then the answer is most likely going to be, yes—even if you're penny-pinching side says no. In-fact, storage is a reasonable and cost-effective solution to many problems. 

Here are five of the most practical solutions offered by a secure storage service:

1. Downsizing Simply

Whether you’re adjusting to an empty nest or reducing expenses, downsizing can be a tedious process. Of course, there is the move to think about. Plus, you have to decide which items go with you, which are tossed away, and what you want to sell or save for future use. Storage makes downsizing simpler and safer because you will have a convenient place to secure your belongings until you’re settled in or it’s time to find the items a new home. 

2. Moving Long Distances Safely

When moving long distances, you might need some extra time before having all of your belongings delivered to your new home. Full-service moving and storage ensures the safety of your valuables with features like expert packing, loading, delivery—and of course—storage. Look for a storage facility that offers climate-controlled storage, surveillance, and shipment tracking for the best protection possible. 

3. Hassle-Free Home Remodeling

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, adding a new room, or renovating your old basement, you will need someplace safe to keep your furniture and other belongings until the project is complete. The solution? Short-term storage. Just make sure you find a household storage provider that offers flexible terms and affordable pricing, so you get the service you need without paying too much. 

4. Seasonal Space Saving 

Are you tired of stuffing boxes into your household closets every time the seasons change? Or worse yet, do you throw away seasonal items and re-buy every year? Keep your holiday décor collections and seasonal clothing safe year-round without cluttering your home with local storage. For easy storage and fast retrieval, choose a facility that provides inventory management. 

5. Secure Commercial Storage 

Seasonal storage is also practical for businesses, as are many other commercial storage solutions. You could also benefit from secure warehousing and distribution, organized records management, and efficient relocations that minimize downtime while keeping expensive office equipment safe. 

Anytime you need to keep your belongings protected from damage, theft, or loss, storage is the way to go. If you’re looking for a Boston storage solution that’s both state-of-the-art and affordable, contact RC Mason Movers Inc. Our 25,000 square foot facility is located only 15 minutes north of downtown Boston, and we provide flexible options for household storage and commercial storage needs!