City of Boston, For those not in the know you can get a major Boston publication for free! Starting yesterday is having a free trial extravaganza for the next 11 days when it all ends May 5th. All you have to do is enter your email when you want to read their articles. They even have a ticker counting down when the event will end.

I don't know how you personal like to consume your media but the Boston Movers at RC Mason are loyal Boston Globe readers. The pieces they write for local and business articles are second to none. But we aren't fooling anyone. We go straight to the sports section to read up on our elite Boston sports teams.

The Red Sox gave us a scare falling short for five consecutive games but our two game winning streak is nothing to be overlooked. When the Sox find their groove we can lock away our pitch forks and axes.

The Celtics extended their home winning streak at the Garden by taking down a depleted Heat lineup. Coach Spoelstra didn't play the Big 3 as they coast to the end of the season in the second seed. Coach Rivers didn't play Rondo, Allen, or Garnett but plans on playing them in the season ender Thursday against the Bucks. The Celtics clinched the fourth seed with their win last night and look like in battle shape for the Playoffs.

The Bruins host the Capitals who are tied at 3 a piece. This has been a crazy NHL playoff while a record breaking number of Game 7s having hockey fans salivating over the next two nights of action. The movers Boston has come to trust will be channeling all their positive energy as Boston goes to battle on the ice. The Boston movers love our city and love our teams.

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