Good morning New England,

Everyone at R.C. Mason from management to our drivers would like to send our thoughts to everyone affected by Sandy on the Atlantic Seaboard. No wind no rain can derail us for long.

Here are some safety reminders that will go a long way IF flood waters come to Northern Boston.

1. Be cautious with water

Most people have heard of the phrase, "still water runs deep." If you see a shallow stream of water you can clearly see the surface of the water running along. But when you see the surface of the ocean it's usually rolling along calmly. That's because the ocean is deep!

If you see steams of water in your neighborhood and the water is calm on the surface AND you can't see the bottom of the water then warning flags should be going off. Plus you don't know what flood waters will pick up. There can be broken glass, down power lines, or other potential hazardous things.

Also avoid driving on roads covered in water. One bad feeling is the moment you realize you locked your keys in the car. It's something you can avoid. Same with driving over water covered streets. If case you didn't know cars can float. When you drive your car over

Flooding might not be something new to Peabody but be careful where you step and use good judgement.

2. Ration your resources

With the expectation of incoming flood waters and possible power outages it's important to use your resources wisely. Resources are anything from food to batteries. If your phone lines go down you'll need to have your cell phones for contact.

Charge your mobile phone to full power and extra batteries as well. But more importantly DON'T use your phone as a nightlight at night. You have flashlights for that exactly that purpose so let the flashlight guide you during nighttime.

Also have any special items prepared before the storm hits. Such things are prescription medicines, insulin, inhalers, bottled water and food for special diets. Other things to pack are spare batteries, battery operated radios, energy generators, candles, lighters and extra clothes. Have all these things sealed in Ziploc bags and labeled with permanent pens.

We can never be too careful when something this dangerous is approaching New England. Use good judgement throughout this ordeal. Benjamin Franklin is noted for saying, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." Take proactive steps to avoid unforeseen obstacles in the future.

From everyone at R.C. Mason Movers we hope for the safety of everybody in Peabody, the greater Boston area and the Eastern seaboard.

Stay safe,

R.C. Mason Movers