Good morning Boston,

Put on your helmets and strap on your seat belts because we're going to be in for a wild weather ride. Meteorologists have named the incoming winter storm Nemo and this isn't the Pixar movie.

The winter storm is currently shedding freezing rain in the Chicago area with snow expected this afternoon. As the week progresses to the Friday and Saturday that's when New England and coastal Maine will get at least 1 foot of snow.

Our Boston area projected to get possibly 2 feet of the white stuff! This amount of snowfall in such a short time is most likely make moving around debilitating. We hope that the weather is cooperative but if worse comes to worse we remind people to stay indoors. Don't put yourself into risky or dangerous situations that could have been avoided in the first place.

Anything above 18 inches of snow would place this snow storm as a top 10 snow storm in the history of Boston. That's in some impressive company and not necessarily in a good way for Bostonians.

We've survived a couple of winter storms in our day. Here are our recommendations of things to do to pre-winter storm:

Pre-storm preparations
  • Extra gallon of gas for your car or snowblower
  • Non-perishable food and water
  • Have shovels ready
  • Salt to de-ice walkways
During storm precautions
  • Stay indoors
  • Avoid driving on the road except for emergencies
  • Ration your food and water in case you get snowed into your home
  • Stay tuned to local TV networks or radio for storm updates
Our movers are acclimated to winter moving conditions. We've been doing moves for the past 65 winters. Our Seabrook movers each have years of experience dealing with snow and ice conditions in household moves. We keep walkways safe and ice free. Our movers also know their trucks and how to maneuver your neighborhoods in these snow conditions. It's not always pretty but we do our best to make the process seamless and easy in less than optimal moving conditions.

Hope this storm doesn't ruin anyone's weekend. Stay warm and safe!

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