Office Relocation

If you’ve ever moved from one house to another, you understand how physically demanding and emotionally difficult relocation can be. When it comes to moving projects, however, residential moving can seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

With over 70 years of experience relocating businesses throughout the Massachusetts area, our team of expert movers from RC Mason Movers has developed customized strategies for thousands of moving projects over the years, for a wide variety of commercial moving projects from all kinds of industries. Throughout our decades of experience in the moving industry, we’ve learned that the key to the perfect office move is careful planning, excellent organization, and plenty of qualified, experienced assistance.

If you’re relocating your commercial business this summer, knowing what to expect and how to plan can help you save plenty of time, money, and headaches. Take a look at these helpful tips for organizing a smooth, successful office move, brought to you by our top-rated office moving team at RC Mason Movers.

1.  Take Your Time and Plan Ahead

A well-executed, smooth, and organized office relocation is always planned with plenty of time to spare. Our moving team recommends at least six months in advance for smaller offices, and at least a year or longer for larger corporate moving projects.

For the best possible outcome, make sure to create and follow a detailed moving timeline. This will allow you to carefully plan ahead in stages and stay on top of your schedule, to reduce operational downtime as much as possible before and after your move. A reputable moving company like RC Mason Movers will provide your company with a team of expert moving coordinators to assist you with all of your moving needs, from the creation of a personalized moving timeline to the various preparation stages to the completion of your office relocation project.

2.  Get Approval for Your Office Moving Plans

When moving out of a building and into a new one, it’s a smart idea to have your arrival and departure plans approved with each set of property owners, if necessary. Double check to make sure you know all the rules about leaving your old building, from important dates to any outstanding fees you may be responsible for paying before moving out. Also, make sure to get everything in writing, whenever possible!

Along the same lines, make sure you’re aware of the guidelines for moving into your new office space if there are any. You might need to speak with your property manager about flexibility regarding moving dates or to schedule your move-in appointment beforehand. Check to see if there are certain hours or days where moving is not allowed, and make sure these times are reflected in your moving calendar.

3.  Communicate With Your Team and Delegate Responsibility

Moving an entire company, no matter how small or large is a team effort. Communicate your moving plans with your employees as soon as possible and begin delegating responsibilities to trusted staff members.

For example, you can put someone in charge of changing your official business address on your websites, business cards, and other promotional materials. You can put someone else in charge of creating a publicity campaign about the move, and someone else can take responsibility for managing the set-up at the new office.

4.  Moving Technology and High-Tech Equipment

Most businesses use plenty of high-tech equipment in their offices and corporate buildings and will require specialized services for moving their high-tech equipment from one location to another. If your company’s moving project includes the transfer of computers, servers, cables, routers, and other IT equipment, it’s highly important that you have a solid plan for disconnection, packaging, transport, and installation of these items to protect them from harm during your move.

A reputable moving company like RC Mason Movers will provide top-quality services for moving technology, including disassembly, safe packaging of equipment including cords and cables, professional transport and re-installation at the new site.

5.  Hire a Professional Commercial Moving Company

One of the best things you can do to ensure an easy, stress-free office move is to hire a professional team of moving experts to help. A reputable commercial moving company will provide full-service solutions personalized to suit your company’s needs for relocation, from pre-move planning to specialized packing, office furniture installation, commercial moving & storage solutions, and so much more.

For expert advice and exceptional moving services for your commercial relocation, contact our friendly team of moving experts at RC Mason Movers. As a leading Boston commercial moving company, we’re dedicated to serving our customers with easy, stress-free commercial and residential relocation services, and would be delighted to share our plans for making your business’s upcoming move a success.

To find out more, give us a call or fill out our online form to request a free, no-obligation, in-home pricing estimate for your corporate relocation now.