Any move can be difficult, but the challenge of planning and executing a state-to-state move can quickly become overwhelming to those moving in or out of the Boston area. Not only do you need to handle all of the general logistics of a household move, but you also need to take into account the added stress of getting your items safely to a new home that could be a thousand miles away!

At R.C. Mason Movers, we believe that interstate moving shouldn’t be a stressful experience, and we know what it takes to ensure that you have a seamless relocation from start to finish. From our moving and storage services to the personalized support of our highly experienced interstate movers, we help you plan your next long distance move down to the smallest details.  

Seamless Interstate Moves With a Step-by-Step Process

The first step in any long distance move is deciding exactly when you want to move and how you are going to tackle the monumental task of getting from your current location to a far-away new home. Like any major project in life, it’s best to start with the basics—including narrowing down your dates, establishing a budget, and making calls to a few reputable moving companies in the area.

Once you know that you’ll be moving out-of-state, keep the following step-by-step tips in mind to stay on-top of the process: 

·  Research moving providers well in advance to guarantee the dates that you want and to compare the services that they offer.

·  Get several written estimates before making a decision on which Boston moving company is right for your needs and budget.

·  Pack early to avoid a time-crunch down the road, and consider utilizing professional packing services to ease the stress of the process.

·  Handle all the logistics of moving to a new state before the big day arrives, including transferring medical and school records, notifying your bank, and switching utilities.

·  Touch-base with your moving company a few days before the move to go over last minute details and specifics related to loading, delivery, storage, and transportation.

How to Handle Storage of Your Household Items

Your Boston moving company is booked, and now it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the relocation process—starting with organizing and clearing-out your current home. For many homeowners planning an interstate move, going with a short- or long-term storage option is the best choice for cutting down on what needs to be packed, loaded, and paid for as part of their moving plan.

The interstate movers at R.C. Mason have over 70 years of experience in moving and storage service, and we suggest starting the process of going through your items by organizing them into several categories in order to figure out what you can put into storage:

·  Pack: Items that you use every day, including personal care products, kitchen and bath items, clothing, and nonperishable food should be on your to-pack list for a state-to-state move.

·  Donate: Making hard decisions on what to keep and what to let go of is a big challenge in the moving process. As a general rule, if you haven’t used the item in over a year or forgot that you even had it, then it’s time to pay it forward by donating to a local charity.

·  Toss: Open perishables, half-used chemicals, and any debris or broken items you find while packing and sorting should be tossed prior to moving day. Just make sure to contact your local waste management company to see about any special requirements for tossing large or hazardous items!

·  Store: If you have an overflow of belongings, specialty antique items, or boxes of holiday decorations and mementos, all of these can be securely stored to minimize the cost of transport and cut-down on the clutter in your new home.

Moving to a new location should be an exciting time in you and your family’s lives, but taking the steps needed to ensure a seamless process is essential to avoid being overwhelmed by the details of interstate relocation. By working with R.C. Mason Movers, you can feel confident knowing your project is in the best of hands with our Boston moving company, and we can walk you through each stage of the process to eliminate the stress and hassle of moving. Just give us a call or fill out our online form, and we’ll get you started with a free quote and no-obligation consultation!