“Never again!” is usually the first thing that people think once they have tackled the monumental task of moving to a new home, and one of the biggest culprits of moving stress? Packing!

Whether you have been in your home for a couple years or for decades, chances are that you look around and can’t even imagine packing up all of the stuff you have accumulated. While the challenges of packing can seem overwhelming at first glance, they don’t have to be.

As long as you approach the task with a plan in mind and the right materials for getting it done, packing your home can go much smoother than you’d expect! The first step towards successfully packing for a move is breaking it down into manageable steps and understanding all the do’s and don’ts of packing like a professional.  

Choosing the Right Materials for the Job

You can’t do any job without the right material, and packing is no exception! Skimping on packing materials from the start won’t set you up for success, and it is always worth it to invest a bit more in quality packing boxes and supplies so that you know your items will be safe during the move.  

·  Do use a variety of packing materials to make sure that your items are protected! Dish boxes, bubble wrap, heavy-duty boxes, permanent markers, tape, and packing paper are all must-haves for packing the right way.

·  Don’t discard used boxes just because they are used. Even older boxes can be a great resource for packing and save you money on supplies—just make sure that the boxes you use are free from any holes and damage.

Preparing Your Household Items for Packing

The goal of packing isn’t just to get your belongings from one place to another—it’s to get them there in one piece! In order to do that, you need to take the time to prepare them before taping them up in a box. A little extra preparation in the beginning goes a long way when you’re ready to unpack at your new home!  

·  Do clean everything before packing it away in a box. Anything that is dusty, grimy, or dirty should be thoroughly cleaned before packing to prevent problems with mold growth, odor, and other damage during the moving process.

·  Don’t bother packing items that you aren’t going to need at your new home. If those old knickknacks packed away in the basement haven’t seen the light of day in years, now is the perfect time to let them go. Not only will this save you time and energy, but you’ll also save money if you’re using a professional moving company.  

·  Do go room to room with a plan of action. Start with one room and get it completed before moving on to next in order to save your sanity and make the process more efficient.

·  Don’t just toss small items into a box without securing them! Small belongings can easily get damaged during a move or lost, so be sure to contain any little objects in their own bag or plastic container. This includes hardware for furniture, electronics components, jewelry, and children’s toys!

Organizing Your Packing Methods

You have the right materials, you have a basic plan of action, and it’s time to get to work—just make sure that you are following these professional tips to keep your packing method organized and your moving day running seamlessly!

·  Do label everything! You don’t want to be sorting through countless boxes to find basic items once you get to your new home. Avoid the fuss by writing the contents on each box as you go so you know exactly where things are.

·  Don’t start mixing and matching boxes just to save time. Taking short cuts during the packing process, especially as the deadline for the big day looms, can result in poor packing, damaged items, lost belongings, and a lot more stress once your movers arrive. 

·  Do use a color-coded system for packing. Moving day goes by like a blur, and using a color-coded system to identify where each box goes—instead of just writing the location on the side—can help make the unloading process go much more smoothly.

·  Don’t underestimate the value of hiring professionals! Whether you want help packing up your entire home or you are looking for high-quality packing materials, most moving companies offer a variety of packing services and affordable materials to help you get the job done.

Planning Ahead for Arriving at Your New Home

One of the biggest challenges of packing is figuring out which items you can live without immediately before the move and for as long as it takes for your items to arrive at your new location. Planning ahead for how you’re going to make do without all of your belongings can lessen the impact that moving has on your family and daily routine.

·  Do pack a moving bag for each member of your family—including pets! This bag should contain everything needed to get your family through several days of chaos as you start unpacking at your new home. Include personal toiletries, several changes of clothing, medications, electronics, and activities to help keep young children busy.  

·  Don’t send high-value items or essential documents with the movers. When at all possible, valuables and important documents essential to your daily life should all go with you in your personal vehicle.  

·  Do pack a last-out-first-in box. This box will be the last one to leave your home on moving day and the first one brought in when you arrive at your new home. In this box, pack a few kitchen essentials, some cleaning supplies, basic bedding, toilet paper, and any other necessities that your family is guaranteed to need those first few days.

·  Don’t forget to read the fine print on your moving contract! There are often restrictions on what your mover can pack and transport, and items like live plants may need to be transported in a personal vehicle. Additionally, there is usually a window of delivery in which your items will arrive at your new home—especially with long distance moves. Make sure you understand exactly how long it could take before the majority of your items show up at your door!

One of the most important things to remember when you decide to move is don’t let the stress of packing overwhelm you! With a bit of planning beforehand and help from a professional moving and storage team, you can still enjoy your relocation experience and make sure that your items get safely to your next home.

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