If you’re approaching a household move, it’s never too early to start planning and preparing—and as you go through each step of the moving process, it’s always helpful to be thinking one step ahead. That’s why we’ve spoken with our own professional movers to gather their best tips for a stress-free, start-to-finish move.

Read through this quick guide, and you’ll be move-ready in no time!

Step 1: Interview Moving Companies

While some individuals and families do successfully make their own moves, many find the physical and mental labor to be too time-consuming and stressful to handle alone. Fortunately, since all reputable moving companies provide free consultations, there’s no reason not to speak with professional movers first—even if you think you want to go the DIY route!

To find honest and high-quality moving companies, be sure to:

  • Ask friends and family for referrals (or companies to avoid!)
  • Check your moving company’s federal and state licensing
  • Look for markers of quality like BBB accreditation, national van line membership, or AMSA ProMover status
  • Request a free in-person consultation and cost estimate

Pro tip: As you call local moving companies, keep in mind that you’re interviewing them—not the other way around! If you get a bad feeling about their customer service, go ahead and move on.

Step 2: Book Your Moving Date

Once you’ve chosen the professional movers you like best, it’s always a good idea to go ahead and officially book your moving date. By reserving your preferred date, you’ll have one less thing to stress about as you plan.

Pro tip: Remember that not all moving services are equal and that it’s worth the effort to understand exactly what is and isn’t included on moving date. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

Step 3: Get Organized

Even when you’re working with the pros, there are lots of small tasks to organize for yourself in order to keep the stress and anxiety low. Try starting an official “moving folder” to keep track of your thoughts, questions, and little to-do lists as you go along.

In this folder, keep everything related to your move:

  • Moving company contracts, paperwork, and receipts
  • Copies of essential identification documents
  • Emergency contact information
  • Related housing documents for your new home
  • Questions for your move coordinator

Step 4: Prepare for Moving Day

Along with your general moving notebook, a written checklist can help you feel more prepared when moving day actually arrives. Some of the tasks on this checklist can be done before your move, and some will be done on moving day itself:

  • Keep all moving documents and contact information on hand
  • Have a plan for emergency childcare or other help as needed
  • Set aside a bag of snacks and entertainment for kids
  • Pack a “go bag” with essentials like medication, chargers, keys, and identification
  • Make a plan for pet moving, including any necessary medications or food
  • Clearly mark what should not be loaded by your movers

Pro tip: Moving companies have tons of experience with hassle-free residential moving, so feel free to consult with your movers about what to expect and do on moving day.

Step 5: Double Check the Details

Before moving day finally arrives, spend a few hours verifying that all the details are lined up correctly. Just a few minutes now will save major stress post-move! Make sure that:

  • Your change of address paperwork has been filed
  • Your new utilities are arranged to be turned on for the correct day
  • Your homeowners’ insurance is valid as necessary at both properties
  • Your moving time and date are scheduled as you expect
  • You will have keys or other entry to your new property
  • Any necessary move-in details are scheduled with your new home or apartment
  • You have a friend or family member available as an emergency contact

Step 6: Settle In!

One of the biggest benefits of hiring movers is being able to relax as your items are brought to your new home. Once moving day is done, all you’ll have to do is wait for your scheduled delivery date! If you want a more hassle-free experience of settling into your new home, you can even request help with unpacking, set-up, appliance hook-up, and more.

Pro tip: If you need some extra time to feel at home in the new environment, consider working with your movers to add short- or long-term storage! You might be surprised just how much mental pressure goes away when the time crunch is no longer there.

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